Searching For What’s On the Other Side

Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean for the first mile

Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean for the first mile

Hello and welcome to my first official blog post! I’m super excited to get going with this new idea of mine – writing about those untold yet important stories that need to be acknowledged.

Often when I’m hiking or on a walk, the thing that keeps me going is the desire to know what’s on the other side. Sometimes I’m anticipating that spectacular view I heard about to appear so I can revel in its beauty. For example, on one of my favorite hikes up in Point Reyes on the Palomarin Trail, my friend Tracey and I were trying to find a beautiful lake smack in the middle of this trail that wove in to the Pacific coast and then away from it. Bass Lake was supposed to be four miles in from the trail head, but after walking so long along the ocean, away from it among several hills, onto a rocky path in between two more hills – we thought we were almost there, surely the lake should appear. But no, instead there was a forested area. We were determined though and kept hiking for another 45 minutes through the thick forest and into the sunshine. Still no lake and only shrubs to our right and left.

What we saw for a little while before finding the lake

What we saw for a little while before finding the lake

Right when we were about to give up, we spotted some birds flying overhead and followed their flight path to… YES, lo and behold, Bass Lake, this perfectly blue shrine out in the distance! All our hard work paid off.

So what does this have to do with digging up stories? Well, this is what I feel like a lot of my work will be on this blog. I know there’s a story out there to be told – one that isn’t commonly heard and celebrated every year – and it’s going to take hard work to find it, but if I stay with this part of me that naturally loves to explore and find that view, that nugget of information, I’ll get to it. I know it.

Bass Lake at last!

Bass Lake at last!


13 thoughts on “Searching For What’s On the Other Side

  1. Hey story digger.. I think your name n tagline are pretty interesting coz thats what made me click on your blog.. However, i personally feel that you can cutshort the lake search a bit n write something about yourself and what your opinions or perceptions are.. Nywys welcome to the world of blogging.. 🙂

    Link to my blog :
    Hoping to welcome you in my world tooo


  2. Good that you persisted to discover all that beauty. And it is often when we are about to give up or turn back – if at that point you can push on just a little – the breakthrough happens. Beauty and insight happen. I also loved your metaphor about following the birds’ flight path to find the lake – a reminder that our paths are full of signs and omens, if only we take time to contemplate them, interpret them thoughtfully. Have you come across a book called “Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life by Gregg Levoy. One of my faves for inspiration; think you might like it too. 🙂


  3. I enjoyed this post. I believe that you lead your reader on a path that in following it allows the reader to understand what your blog is about and from that what you are about.

    The photograph heading your blog is great for your purpose. Looking at it I kept trying to peer behind the cloud formations to attempt to see more.

    Can not wait to read more of your journey. Thanks for the opportunity to travel with you and see through your eyes.

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  4. I love the story of finding Bass Lake. We always think we are “almost there” when we still have a distance to go. The lovely photo of Bass Lake was a reward to this reader!

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