Hi!   I’m Freda and I love exploring…

…hidden cultural stories and nature that might be hard to find.

How would you feel if your side of the story was left out?

Well, this is what I’ve been pondering ever since my days in college as an activist for Asian American Studies.  From this experience I realized how little I knew about Asian Americans’ contributions to US history and society.  I was inspired to learn more and then spread this knowledge, and began teaching middle and high schoolers about the many important stories usually absent from the curriculum.

Now that I’m not teaching, I want to dig up more accounts about people and events in history, particularly those who have moved others and made a difference and then telling you about them here.  Let’s share any current stories that might make you see the world differently.

So what does nature have to do with all of this?  My curiosity applies on all fronts of my life, and I’ve found that the adventures I have outdoors often reflect how I inwardly reflect on my writing process. “Searching for What’s On the Other Side” gives you a clear picture of what I mean by this.

There’s so much to discover and be told, so please come on board and help me unearth these hidden truths!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to your stories. In addition to the need to relate these stories, I think that so often “the story from the other side” can be so much more interesting. Thanks for taking this on!


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